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Deccember Mainsheet


Dear All

Merry Christmas From The ODC!

 … And Some News

Our landlords (Zoe and Phil Steel) have given notice they wish to terminate the current lease. The effect will be that the current lease ends on 31 December 2016 – i.e. the end of next season, so one more full year of sailing before anything changes. This is very recent news but the committee and the Steels want to advise the whole club sooner rather than later.

Your Committee and Trustees are actively considering how we can keep sailing from the beach in East Preston. To this end we will be negotiating with the Steels about all future options and we are confident that we can find a way ahead that will allow sailing beyond 2016 for many, many years.

So, while I feel I have to tell you of the end of the current lease, as of today I can’t say what will replace it. Please be assured, however, that I and all committee members are working as hard as we can on this and we are determined to find a solution and we will provide a full update by the next AGM. We need some time for this, so we are delaying the AGM by a month – see date below.

We will keep all members posted. In the meantime, we are available to answer all questions on this as best we can.

There are lots of way to pitch in and help with the running and life of the club. We thrive on as many as possible of you taking part in lots of different ways. We get a great response from all of you; that is the thing with this club.

We are in particular looking for someone to help with the club accounts. Louise Kent has done a grand job this past year but has to stand down because of other commitments. Louise and I will help with hand over for whoever would like to join us.

Next, I said at the dinner dance I would be glad to continue to serve as Commodore – and I am glad to do so. We do need to line up a future commodore, and so someone to come in as vice-commodore would be a welcome addition to the committee. If you are thinking about this and don’t want to put forward your name yet, no problem, call or email me to talk through what this involves.

Lastly, any volunteers to join the committee? All positions change every 2 years (unless there are no new volunteers) and we will be glad to have volunteers to help with anything, general or specific.

- The Commodore will be serving mulled wine and modest snacks on Boxing Day, from 12pm until 1pm. Everyone is welcome. Please, please, however, email me to say if you are coming and say how many – I need to get quantities right!
- So, if you are joining us, email by 10pm next Tuesday, 22 December and state your numbers. Sorry to be so specific but I have to do my shopping after I know numbers and before it is too late.

- Yes, my mast is still up, but here is a gentle reminder to take your mast down if you have not done so already. Who knows what the winds will be over the winter? If you need a hand try the WHatsApp group or email me.

- We will hold our next year AGM slightly later than usual. Note the (currently provisional) date: Sunday 28th February 2016, 2.30pm start. More details to follow.