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Mainsheet - April 2018


Hello All,

It has been a while since the last communication from us - there wasn’t really any news. But now, some news and a belated happy new sailing year to all!

The Committee have been assessing the current situation of the ODC and prospects for a future of the club, and we regret to say it seems that the chances of finding a site are extremely slim but we feel is it worth persevering for as long as there is a glimmer of hope. It is also a concern for us that we shouldn’t dispose of ODC funds in a hurry, as we would risk not finding the best recipients.

Our proposal is therefore for the ODC to be dormant. As the current rules of the club are almost completely inappropriate to the club in its present situation these are being rewritten to suit our recommended way ahead, i.e. putting the club into a dormant state for the next few years.

Our proposals in a bit more detail are set out below. We will be holding a General Meeting in June to ratify the way ahead.

The Future of the ODC

We feel that it is worth carrying on in a dormant state with the hope of using the residual funds of the ODC at some point in the future to support a local sailing venture that would remember the ODC (and unless another prospect becomes viable in the meantime).

There is a slim possibility as the new swimming complex in Littlehampton completes that we could cooperate with AYAC and find space for a ‘senior’ arm of AYAC which could provide a bridge between youngsters and adult sailing. This is not likely for 2 – 3 years and we therefore feel that the timescale for the dormant state should be a maximum 5 years.

Club Rules for the Dormant ODC

When these are complete they will be distributed to the members for comment and possible amendment. The final version will be put to the membership for ratification at a General Meeting in June (currently proposed for 3rd or 17th June). Final date will be published with agenda at least 1 month in advance.

Officials, Trustees and Committee

It will be necessary to update the officials of the club at the General Meeting. It is not thought that a full committee is needed for the dormant club, but the Trustees could be supported by an honorary secretary and an honorary treasurer. Nominations for these posts will be sought with the notice of the meeting.


All members who paid the small fee for continuing membership in 2017 (42 full, and 4 social) will be asked if they wish to continue as members of the dormant club (at no cost).

Disposal of Assets – OFFERS PLEASE!

All the material assets of the club have been disposed of with the exception of one RIB, outboard, launching trolley and road trailer. The committee feel this should be offered for sale as a single lot to the ODC members first and only offered more widely if no sensible offer is made by a member. We have set a reserve price and if this is not reached internally we will offer the lot more widely (including to AYC members, where the rib has been stored and admired for a while now).

If you are interested please submit your bid, in confidence to Ian Finlayson by Sunday 22 April. The bid must be for the whole package of RIB, outboard, launching trolley and road trailer. Most members will remember these and anyone who wishes can inspect them at AYC.


The wine tasting evening was well received, and feedback suggested that members welcome the chance to meet up again. To this end it was agreed that the dormant ODC should run a social event every 6 months or so.

The first of these events which the Commodore has volunteered to host will be a BBQ in his back garden in the afternoon of 7th July. Full details will follow. Mark your diaries!


You may be wondering why we are not distributing the residual funds of the club to the membership. This is specifically excluded by our affiliation to CASC (which allowed us to get rate relief on most of our Council Tax for many years) and is written into our club rules: “10.4. Upon dissolution of the club any remaining assets shall be given or transferred to another registered CASC, a registered charity or the sport’s governing body for use by them in related community sports.”

Diary Dates

  • 22 April - last date for bids on RIB & Trailer package
  • 3rd or 17th June - General Meeting (afternoon) - date and venue to be confirmed
  • 7th July - BBQ - COmmodores back garden (and beach).


Thank you for your patience and support. Long live the ODC!


George Schlich & the Committee