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ODC Site Close Down Schedule



 Compound clearance will be coordinated by Phil Dedman, Phil Shaw and  Ian Finlayson. All emails about the clearance should be addressed to  them:;;

  • If you need the club to find storage for your boat let us know asap. (There is likely to be a cost for storage).
  • If you have a boat trailer and /or a towing vehicle that we can use to move members boats to storage let us know asap.
  • We have a couple of cat trailers, but are likely to need more to expedite a shuttle process. We do not at present have any mono road trailers.
  • Also let us know which of the activities on the Site Clearance  Schedule you can help with.
  • We are still looking for space for storage of member's boats. If  you know of any suitable space (at reasonable cost) please let us  know.

Clearing the Site

We have to clear the site by the end of the year, but conditions get difficult as winter comes on. So we have a schedule to get on with the task as soon as the sailing season ends.

This schedule does not include demolition of the hut and boathouse. At present we anticipate that this will be done by Zoe and Phil as part of their changes to the site, but Arun may require us to take them down as a condition of planing approval for the new site - in this case there will be significant extra work to do at short notice.

Clearance Timeline

25 September - Last Race followed by BBQ - last Rescue Boat
8/9 October
  • Last possible weekend for sailing
  • Issue schedule of dates for boat relocation using available trailers. 
15/16 October
  • Clear Club House of all sails and personal belongings
  • Masts Down
  • Members commence removal of boats, kayaks, and tyres used.
  • Remove PC and Weather Station
  • Remove memorabilia for storage
  • Recover launching mats from beach and lay between compound and toilets
  • Winterise rescue boats
  • Deflate and pack up racing boys + anchors etc 
22/23 October
  • Final clubhouse clearance
  • Decommission winch and winch base
  • Start moving boats out of club
  • Rescue Boats to storage
29/30 October
  • Final boathouse clearance
  • Start removal of tie downs.
  • Remove railings and staircase to store(TBD)
31 October
  • Caravan Site Closes for winter
12 November
  • Removal of boat tie-downs
  • Club Bonfire Night and Fireworks
13 November
  • Isolate water and terminate(take meter readings)
  • Isolate electricity and terminate(take meter readings)
  • Continue to move member’s boats out of club
  • Complete removal of boat tie-downs
19 November
  • If required Fill skip (permitted items only - no tyres etc)
20 November
  • Break down Racks
26 November
  • Dinner Dance at AYC
4 December
  • All boats out of compound
11 December  
  • Dilapidation review for sign off